About Us

Providing our clients with outstanding services to help them develop their businesses to create unforgettable brands and digital products, has been our main priority since the company’s first day. Consistent development and experience gained over the years helps us provide products in the best form.
Our interaction with each other entails the excellence of our software development. We believe that from the moral obligations required is keeping our talent accessible and willingness to help.

Our story

In 2007, the company started operating by the hands of experts with creative hobbies in the technical field. The company began as a marketing firm with a department in programming and design, this department has witnessed an outstanding success. As a result, this led the founders to create an integrated entity for technology and development operated by two founders who have an experience in technology, business, and a team of software field innovators.

Who do we help?

We serve as a long-term strategic partner and a reliable consultant for product design, development, DevOps, and cloud computing work targeting businesses that depend on technology to grow.
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Why RightMind

we have been providing quality custom software development for a variety of platforms and industries. Our extensive platform expertise makes us the ideal candidate for multi-platform, cross-platform and porting projects.
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More than 120 experts

All our engineers work full time in our development lab and have at least 3 years of experience, managers and team leads 7+ years.